Marienne Jean-Baptiste visits Africa and India

Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Oscar nominated actress and the star of the CBS series, WITHOUT A TRACE, joins MFCI’s efforts in India and Africa. Marianne donned her scrubs even before departing and became CPR certified and practiced her medical “stitches.”

  • Marianne Jean Baptiste (Without A Trace) travels to India with MFCI.

  • Marianne assists Dr. Lisa with a C-section in India.

  • Marianne visiting India’s future MFCI clinic.

  • Marianne shows off successful delivery.

  • Dr. Masterson and Marianne visit clinics in Kiberia, a huge urban slum, where conditions are deplorable.

  • Marianne treats Maasai mothers who have travelled many hours by foot.

  • They are invited to a Maasai home. The mud houses are hand-built by the women!

  • Dr. Masterson and Marianne meet with local Maasai midwives in the village.

  • Marianne meets a Maasai baby.

  • MFCI distributes desperately needed medical supplies.

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