In 2008 MFCI partnered with Hammer Forum, a humanitarian medical orginazation based in Hamm, Germany. Together in association with The World Health Organization, The Eritrean Ministry of Health and The Orotta School of Medicine in Asmara, they put together a curriculum for the first medical residency OB/GYN program in the country. MFCI was proud to attend the very first graduation class last year. This program is made possible by MFCI’s continued support and donations.

  • Eritrean mother with newborn.

  • MFCI proudly celebrates the first OB/GYN graduation glass.

  • Dr. Lisa is thanked by the Eritrean Minister of Health and Gebreamlak Ogbaselassie, Senior Humanitarian Response Advisor, UNFPA*

  • Dr. Lisa is thanked by grateful family members of the graduates.

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