Sierra Leone

In November of 2009, a front-page article in the Los Angeles Times exposed the civil war ravaged country of Sierra Leone as suffering one of the world’s highest maternal and infant mortality rates.

Dr. Lisa Masterson contacted The Embassy of The Republic of Sierra Leone in Washington, DC to offer MFCI’s support. Ambassador Bockari Stevens and Minister Counsellor Seku Mesali immediately arranged an investigative trip. Dr. Masterson and Donna Lane flew to Sierra Leone to meet with First Lady Sia Koroma and other government officials. MFCI is presently working with the Department of Health and Princess Christian Woman’s Hospital to reduce maternal and fetal deaths in Sierra Leone.

  • MFCI’s Donna Lane and Dr. Lisa Masterson with children outside Kamakwie Hospital in Sierra Leone.

  • Dr. Lisa Masterson and MFCI’s Donna Lane visit with the First Lady of Sierra Leone.

  • Aids Walk participants throw condoms into the car!

  • MFCI meets with the Foreign Ministry to discuss solutions.

  • Patients awaiting treatment.

  • Dr. Lisa meets with Dr. Kamson Kamura at Princess Christian Maternity Hospital in Freetown, the only maternity hospital in the entire country.

  • Sierra Leone devasted by a horrific civil war.

  • One of the world’s highest maternal/infant mortality rates.

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