MFCI Locations

Since its founding in 2005, MFCI has been providing the equipment necessary for a safe delivery to various developing areas in the world. By bringing our skills, knowledge and modern medical equipment to these remote areas, families can live with a sense of hope and opportunity in place of worry and despair.

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  • Kenya

    Our clinic located in the Maasai region of the country founded in August 2007 can save the lives of thousands of mothers and babies who cannot travel the distance to the district hospital for care.


  • Eritrea

    Our women’s hospital and medical clinic is educating the people of this region of the dangers and preventable diseases in childbearing.



  • India

    We have established a maternity clinic in association with the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital and Medical College.




  • Sierra Leone

    The civil war ravaged country of Sierra Leone has one of the world’s highest maternal and infant mortality rates.




  • Ghana

    In 2005, a team consisting of Stephen and Dr. Lisa Masterson, their son, Daniel, and a nurse departed for Ghana where they performed several procedures without air-conditioning, or modern medical equipment. The needs were tremendous, but Dr. Lisa faced these challenges, and MFCI was born.

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